This wiki is for demonstration purposes only.  It was created by the staff of TPS-Colorado to show educators how they can use primary sources and online technologies to support the development of 21st Century Learning Skills.  It contains various examples of student projects that have been created using free software such as Pbwiki, Wordpress, Wordle, and Google Earth.  All of the educational content contained in this wiki is from an Annotated Resource Set called, "Pearl Harbor" that was created by Lindsay Linoff, Terri Welsh and Kathy Williams of Mesa Public Schools in Mesa, Arizona; however, wording has been added to provide explanations for using the tools. 


Welcome to the Remembering Pearl Harbor Wiki


December 7, 1941 is a date that will live in history. Pearl Harbor changed the course of American involvement in World War II and had a lasting impact on the United States relations during and following the war. Focusing on the attack and its immediate aftermath, the United States transitioned from a country not at war to a nation who became a major player in the outcome of World War II.


This wiki will be used as a collaborative tool as we study the attack on Pearl Harbor and how it changed the course of history.  Take some time to familiarize yourself with the various pages that you will be using to:





     The USS Arizona & the USS West Virginia


     Pearl Harbor Survivor Stories


     Propaganda Poster or Political Cartoon


     The Japanese Perspective


     Interactive Maps of Pearl Harbor




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