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Student Wiki Pages

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Each of you has your own wiki pages for completing your assignments:


Ashley Hannah   
Brandon Josh  
Connor Madison  



Here are some helpful instructions for editing your wiki pages:


Editing a page

To edit a page on the wiki, click the "Edit" tab at the top left of your screen or hit the "E" key on your keyboard.  Make your edits and then click "Save" to finalize and publish those changes.


Adding images or files

1) Go into "Edit Mode."

2) Click "Images and Files" tab under the "Insert Links" "Page Tool" on the right-side of your screen.


3) Click “Browse” to find the file on your computer. 

4) When you locate the file, select it, then click “upload”. After uploading, the file will appear in your file list.  

5) Click on the text of the file name to insert it into your wiki. 


Note: If you want to see a list of your files and pictures without going into "Edit" mode, click the “Upload/view files” link while viewing the wiki. From here you may also rename and delete files or pictures from there.  However, only Editors and Admins can remove files.  If you don't see the option to delete in the Pages & Files manager, then you probably don't have permission on the wiki to delete files. 


Adding alternate text to an image

Alternate text is the text that gets displayed in place of an image in case the image fails to load.  In many browsers, the alternate text of an image is displayed if the mouse hovers over an image for a period of time.



To add the alternate text on an image, first select the image you want to add the text to by clicking on it.  Then, go into edit mode and right click the image. If you're on a Mac, and don't have a right mouse button, hold down the Command button, and click the image again.  Choose "Image Properties."


Then, enter the text into the "Alternative Text" field. This will create an alt tag on your image. 




Text wrapping

You can set your image alignment to wrap text around the picture. To do this, go into edit mode and right-click (or control-click on the Mac) the image. From the menu that pops up, you'll want to choose "Image Properties." You can then set the image alignment.


Editing uploaded files

To edit a file that's been uploaded to your wiki, download the file to your computer, make any desired changes, and then upload the file again, with the same filename.  The file will be uploaded as the newest revision of the file. 



The advantage of this system of revisions is that you can go back and access previous file revisions to change the revision that will be displayed as the current version of the file.  To access previous revisions click on the number in the "Revs" column.  You'll be presented with a screen which lists every revision of your file:


If you have the appropriate permission on the wiki, you can delete the revisions or revert the file to a previous version.  You can also click on the specific date and time of the file to view the version of the file without reverting.


If you don't see the "Delete" or "Revert" links when viewing file revisions, then you don't have the permission on the wiki to perform those actions. 


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